EMR Support Services

EMR Support

EMRs are an essential component of every practice, but data entry wastes valuable staff time and is not cost efficient. Our team of experienced healthcare documentation specialists will transcribe your dictated reports and enter the relevant data into the appropriate fields of your EMR. Our services will allow your staff to be dedicated to their core competencies. They will have the time to support you and your patients more attentively.

"On-Demand" Medical Coding

Upgrading to a modern EMR system can involve significant medical coding hurdles. Our "on-demand" coding services will reliably assign the correct ICD-9CM and/or ICD-10 codes to your medical diagnoses, allowing for an efficient transition.

Medical Data Entry

We offer medical data entry services to help manage your backlog of paper reports and centralize patient information. There will no longer be a need to manually request old charts when all patient data is accessible from your EMR.

For inquiries, email us at bpo@bluemedholding.com

Other offered services:

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