Case Studies

Acquisition advisory:

A foreign private equity firm expressed interest in acquiring multiple hospital assets in Egypt. BlueMed assisted in establishing the hospital network's strategic vision and defined target profiles. We identified their first candidate, which was well positioned to achieve a four-times improvement in EBITDA within 3-5 years and would serve as an ideal springboard for follow-up acquisitions. The complete process from initial discussions through physician syndicate and government approval, and closing took six months. We are currently advising the firm on two additional acquisitions that are expected to close in Q1 and Q2 2013.

Greenfield project consulting:

A renowned OB/GYN physician was interested in developing a top-tier women's health hospital in Cairo, but received significant investor pushback in reaction to the business plan. BlueMed recognized strategic and operational weaknesses in the envisioned plan. We proposed alternate service offerings, pricing, staffing, and targeted demographic marketing that yielded improved projected IRRs, and was better received by investors due to the more realistic nature of the assumptions.

Pre-operations and commissioning:

A specialty center was interested in expanding and growing its business, but lacked the experience to launch the effort. BlueMed assumed an interim-management role in which we developed the process and procedures, assisted in recruitment and staffing, and established financial controls and measures to enhance the existing center's operation and prepare it for an expansion plan that was customized to brand the business. Our efforts were considerate of the nature of the center and the sensitivities of the industry. The first expansion outside of Cairo is scheduled to open in Q2 2013.

Contract management:

A NGO expressed interest in expanding its healthcare effort in Cairo. BlueMed assumed a co-management role and developed a well-rounded primary care delivery system built on disease prevention, delivery of care, and patient education. We put in place a budget and operational plan for 9 clinics, a lab, and a radiology and minor surgery department. Our efforts reduced costs by 9%, added 3 service specialties, and led to the treatment of more than 20,000 patients. Our goal for 2013 is to increase treated patients by 10%, further develop the radiology department, and cut costs to reach the point of "self-sustainability."

Medical facility and space planning:

A group of surgeons were interested in building an efficient and modern general surgery hospital. BlueMed and its partners identified our client's requirements, physician productivity demands, as well as medical equipment electrical and mechanical requirements, and integrated them with a technical analysis of time-space relationships to develop an efficient flow system. Our volumetric flow diagram, organization diagram, and schematic plan was leveraged by their architect to produce appropriate architectural designs of a hospital truly optimized for flexible performance.

Project management:

The owners of a hospital were interested in renovating and expanding their facility and service lines, but were concerned about the conflicting interests of the involved parties. Our partner assumed the role of project manager to ensure the hospital's best interests were protected. They created clear and attainable project objectives, built the project requirements, and managed the project's stakeholders, scope of work, risks, schedule, budget, and conflicts. They also determined various means of reducing costs and design inefficiencies. More importantly, they devised various alternative parallel solutions for closed services to ensure uninterrupted hospital operations.

Medical equipment procurement:

The new owners of an old and under-maintained hospital were interested in assessing the status of their equipment and procuring new equipment where necessary. Following a detailed assessment, BlueMed performed a comprehensive room-by-room and department-by-department plan and budget. We ensured that the necessary clinical solutions were complemented by the actual equipment selected. Our schedules accurately reflected our selection decisions, procurement timing, and installations. Our clients had complete transparency into the achieved cost and time savings.

Management information system implementation:

A world-renowned cardiac center procured a hospital information system, but was experiencing difficulties implementing the system and integrating it with existing clinical documentation efforts. BlueMed determined that the procured system's built-in documentation interface was inefficient relative to the center's needs and creatively planned a "work-around" that required minimal expenditure.

"On-demand" medical coding:

A US-based, top-tier diabetes center affiliated with an Ivy League medical school was interested in upgrading to a new EMR system, but had reservations because of the need to assign correct ICD-9CM codes to all of their medical diagnoses. BlueMed was able to overcome the significant hurdles involved in this undertaking and completed the coding project ahead of schedule. We were rewarded with a follow-on project because of the exceptional quality offered on short notice.

Medical transcription:

A multi-physician orthopedic clinic was frustrated by the medical transcription services of their India-based provider. BlueMed provided the clinic with a free two week test run that allowed them to compare our quality against that of their existing providers. Our transcriptionists outperformed because, unlike most medical transcriptionists who are graduates of vocational training programs, our team members are physicians and/or pharmacists. We are able to recruit high-caliber talent due to the significant number of yearly college graduates with healthcare backgrounds in Egypt.

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